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Our company has established itself as a manufacturer of transport equipment and auto-manufacturing in 1992.

We take a leading manufacturer of quality and technology among companies in the same line of business by manufacturing technology it had accumulated over the years in this fields of production, technology, design. We have recognized quality and technology with customer satisfaction. By welding & cutting auto-equipment system and photovoltaic system cell & module auto-system, we are increasing the scope of the project, expanding exports into Southwest Asia, The middle East including China. In the year to come, the whole workers do our best, through the various service of the differentiated quality of goods, technology, obeying the period etc. for customer's satisfaction, will promise committing ourselves body and soul.

(Products ex : Pipe Coaster, Pipe Rotator, Portable Table Lift, Self-Propelled Lift Table, Track Transporter Car, mold transporter, airo lift, welding manipulators, pipe facing machine, pipe positioner, welding turntables, welding turning rolls, Pipe Bender Machine, etc. )




Suitable for short distance of transport of heavy equipment between the process.

Chance of speed with slow start and stop.

Transportation of mold and raw materials, entry and exit of heavy cargo.

Suitable for use in steel mills and iron foundry, etc.

In and our device of mold attachable of the upper part of transporter car.

Suitable for mold transportation in press factory of motor company, ac/dc electric type.


Strong power along with excellent operation. Prevent musculoskeletal disorders of workers by simple operation when connecting various kinds of pipe flange.

It is the equipment considering safety and convenience of workers with priority after collecting many faithful data from many welding job site.


Our 25ton trackless electric transporter produced and delivered to SAMSUNG motors and has been accredited for its excellent quality.

It is exceptionally good its speed control including slow and steady acceleration, slow stops, and steering left and light and is known for its outstanding performances.

It has been constructed with emphasis on safety with multiples sensors making it very safe while driving even when in reverse.


· Easy Operation

MS series is very simple to operate and it is possible to do high-lift work up to 10.8m by alone.

· Comfortable high-lift work

Designed by applying strong pillar lifting system 2 times higher than international safety standards (8:1). Focus on high-lift work comfortably with excellent safety.

· Easy Movement

MS series of equipment is rather small when folded. It can be carried by using elevator for passemger. It can be loaded / unloaded on the truck by using t-type handle attached to the equipment alone.